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For booking information, please contact Michael Corcoran at (404) 522-7550 (daytime) or (404) 231-1762 (evening).


The Psychics have played for Atlanta audiences over the past 30 years. Band members include: Dr. Skip Sloan, a Piedmont Hospital physician on lead vocals. Michael Corcoran, local architect with CNNA Inc., on lead guitar and Greg Crawford, record producer with Crawford Communications, playing bass and vocals. Steve Bryant, a retail consultant, golfer and drum historian, plays drums while Edward Tanner, lawyer and previously of the band Cruisomatic, plays guitar and vocals. Keyboards and vocals are handled by Jazz and rock talent, Steve Hulse. Ted Kloss, an interior designer, plays sax, percussion, vocals and some bass guitar when available. Recording engineer and master gardener, Sgt. Rock, aka Jerome Radway, frequently handles sound Reinforcement for large venues.

The Psychics Band is an established musical group specializing in Rock and Roll music. The band’s repertoire spans the sixties through the nineties (with thankfully not too much from the barren eighties) and includes songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Santana, the Kinks, Cream, Tom Petty and Van Morrison

to name but a few. The band regularly performs at parties, fundraisers, receptions, reunions and music clubs throughout the Atlanta area. Recent performances include the Inaugural KoolKids Foundation Benefit in Newnan Georgia (Dr. Phil and Ann Beegle), the 2003 Pink Tie Ball at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead (Elaine Koenig-The Susan G Breast Cancer Foundation) and a very successful club performance at Houck’s in East Cobb County.

The Psychics only specialize in good, danceable rock and roll music and, in fact, were invited to play numerous venues during the ’96 Atlanta Olympic Games – including performing to a boisterous crowd of over 5000 when the bomb exploded in Olympic Park, not many yards away from the stage.
Please bring your dancing shoes (Kevlar is optional)…







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